I Hate Breastfeeding

I Hate Breastfeeding

I Hate Breastfeeding

I'm fed up! I really hate breast feeding. I tried my best to breastfeed my new born, however the pain is ridiculous. I know I know you're probably reading this with judging eyes and I know how much it benefits the kids. 


But what about me? I never knew my breasts would be so painful and sag. My husband says I’m fine but I just know he’s lying. I have also had to stop drinking alcohol for now to give my little one the best start in life. 


Enough of me moaning, let me start talking about the positives of nursing, I was told by my midwife how good it was for the baby in terms of health, and to be honest a lot of my mum friends have had to go to the GP far too many times, for infections and what not, so I guess if this can be avoided or the trips can cut down I would be grateful. I guess as a parent you just want to give your big bundle of joy a great start to life. 


 Four advantages for the child I searched up online before writing this:


  1. Superior Nutrition 
  2. Increased Resistance to infections 
  3. Less Risk Of Allergies 
  4. Baby Bonds With You 


Sometimes I find myself feeling bad as I hate it soo much, but I have to remind myself I’m not super mum and I’m human. 


If your unsure whether to breastfeed here is some advantages for us the mothers:


  • Helps with weight loss after giving birth 
  • Less trips to doctor ( Like I said earlier lol) 
  • More economical 
  • Hormones released during breast feeding create feelings of warmth and calm in the mother. 



To be honest Mothers its your body and please do what you feel more comfortable doing I'm just sharing my story while briefly venting. 



Jolene Smith