Home schooling !!

Home schooling !!

Home schooling !!

Home Schooling


Lock down again? Im fed up now and my little one has been off school since early December.

As a working mother who has been placed on furlough for the second time, things are so frustrating. 


Im having to keep my soon to be 5 year old entertained as well as teach her phonics, how many of you can relate. Luckily my Childs school has been very helpful and provided access to a website in which we can access school work from her teachers. 


First thing in the morning we attempt to go to the park for a stroll, sometimes we make it out the door and sometimes we stay in the whole day. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too hard on myself and think I'm doing a bad job, but then I remind myself we are going through a global pandemic and I’m allowed to not have everything figured out. 


I have stopped watching the news as I find it too depressing, one thing I’ve started doing more is reading to my little one, as well as taking time to explain what a word means. I also ordered a few puzzles and we have had a lot of fun with that also. 


Tonight I will try and complete all the washing and take some time out to relax whilst watching Queens Gambit on Netflix lol.